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Brow Arch: $20+

Lip Wax: $12

Chin Wax: $15+

Under Arms: $25+

Half Leg Wax: $30

Full Leg Wax: $60

Bikini: $40

Full Brazilian (BARE IT ALL): $65

Men’s Chest Wax: $30 each

Men’s Back Wax: $30 each


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Makeup Application: $60

Airbrush Makeup: $85

Bridal Makeup: $95

Mini Makeover: $45

Eyes Only: $40

Prom Makeup: $50

In-studio Bridal Makeup: $95 (additional $25 for Airbrush Application)

Makeup Lesson: $125 (one on one session, 1.5hrs)

  • How to choose and apply foundation
  • Concealing Techniques (dark circles, blemishes, etc…)
  • Eye shadow combinations and techniques
  • How to properly apply eyeliner in order to achieve different effects
  • Blush and contour techniques
  • Choosing the correct brushes
  • Overview of how to care for your make-up, and most importantly, how to keep your make-up and brushes sanitary for use.


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  • Microblading (also known as Micropigmentation, Microfeathering, Microstroking, 3D Eyebrows, and Eyebrow Embroidery) is a process in which cosmetic pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin by way of an ultra-fine blade and highly trained & skilled hands, resulting in very realistic hair-like marks that mimic natural eyebrow hair.
  • The area is treated with topical anesthetics before and during the procedure, which help keep the client comfortable throughout the entire process. Most clients experience little to no pain at all, while other may experience some mild discomfort.
  • The initial appointment takes about 2 hours from beginning to end, which includes your numbing time, consultation and design time, and the microblading procedure itself, followed by post-procedure home care instructions, and of course your before and after photos!
  • Microblading adds color, definition and shape to your face, polishes your overall look, and also saves you a whole lot of time and frustration! Hide scars, fill in sparse areas, or completely redesign over-tweezed or outdated eyebrows!  Your make-up routine will be simplified, your confidence and self- esteem increased and you can get on with your busy day to day life without wasting precious time in front of the mirror every morning, or constantly reaching for your make up bag throughout the day!  You will no longer have to worry about “losing your brows” while swimming, dancing, or working out.  You’ll get to wake up every day with gorgeous, perfect eyebrows!
  • Microblading often requires 2 visits for great results; the initial procedure, followed by a touch-up about 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure.
  • Microblading lasts 1-3 years on average for most clients, and gradually fades away.  I do offer periodic optional touch-up services, which are recommended every 1-2 years to keep the brow color fresh and defined.
  • Anyone with or without eyebrows is a candidate for microblading, with the exception of:
    • People undergoing cancer treatments, or completed treatments less than 6 months ago​
    • Pregnant or nursing mothers
    • HIV/AIDS or Hep-B Positive
  • Those with previous eyebrow tattoos/microblading must schedule an advance consultation with me prior to scheduling their microblading procedure appointment. (Call to schedule consultation 248-996-8230)


  • If you wear brow pencil or powder, please arrive with your current eyebrow makeup ON.  I will be taking several photos of you during your appointment; both with and without your brow makeup, as well as before, during, and after the procedure.  These images may be used to promote my services on my website, however they will be cropped to isolate the brow area only, and your identity will be kept confidential.
  • Drawing-on– When you arrive at the studio, and after your forms are completed, I will apply the first topical anesthetic, which takes about 30 minutes to take full effect.  While we are waiting, I will take some time to listen carefully to your requirements, and discuss the right brow shape, texture and type to suit your face. I will then measure and draw your brows on using a soft pencil.
  • Making changes –You will have plenty of time to make changes during this process to ensure you are 100% comfortable with what I am proposing to do BEFORE we begin the actual procedure. Once we are both in agreement, I will take a photo of the drawing we have agreed upon.
  • When we begin the procedure, your initial anesthetic should be in full effect, however you may still feel some slight discomfort.  After the first pass of the microblade, I will be applying a second, more powerful anesthetic, which will sink into the broken skin, and numb the area completely.  Please keep in mind that some people are more sensitive to paint, while others are extremely tolerant.I cannot guarantee how your skin will react to the anesthetic.
  • I may ask you to sit up several times during the procedure. This is so I can check placement and symmetry and make small adjustments as needed.  Sitting you up straight is the most accurate way to assess your brows.
  • Once I am happy with the results, and I feel they are gorgeous by my standards, I will then give you the mirror so that you can see your brand new eyebrows.If you feel that there should be a few more adjustments made, this is the perfect time to let me know. It is very important to me that you leave my studio 100% happy with the results of your microblading procedure.


  • Pain or discomfort — Your eyebrows may look a little red straight afterwards and this is not unusual. They may also feel a bit ‘tight’ but they shouldn’t be too painful. It should feel like a mild sunburn for a day or two.
  • The topical anesthetic used during your procedure will continue to be active for a short while after you leave the studio. Any discomfort should disappear after a few hours although the area will still be tender for a day or so.
  • It is important that you are prepared for the fact that your brows will look quite dark immediately after the treatment is completed. You may even be a bit “shocked” with the intensity of color at first.  This is absolutely normal and nothing to be concerned about. The color fades by up to 50% over the next 7 to 14 days, and if you have had a microblading procedure, the individual strokes will become more defined.
  • Healing time — Brows generally heal within 7-10 days, sometimes more quickly, but in every case, it depends on your body’s own natural rate of repair. Brows are considered fully healed in 3-4 weeks.
  • Pigment retention depends on age, skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications, home care and other factors. Microblading is not an exact science, and there is no guarantee as to how your skin will react to microblading, however in order to help you achieve the best possible results, I will give you verbal post-procedure instructions, as well as a printed post-procedure card, and a container of after care healing cream to take home and use, which helps the natural healing process.
  • Initially your brows will be very dark, then after a few days they are likely to become a bit flaky, and possibly itchy. DO NOT pick at the flakes! Do not touch the treated area at all except to clean and apply aftercare healing cream as instructed.  The treated area can also appear pale and patchy while the skin repairs itself. You may feel that they have gotten too light, or even disappeared!  But once the dead skin tissue exfoliates and falls away, the healed result will be visible.  The healing process takes a full 3-4 weeks, after which time a “Touch Up Session” is required to make any changes, such as filing in uneven areas, filling in a spot where pigment did not take, sharpening the tails, adding more hair(strokes/shading) or darkening the overall color.  This touchup session MUST take place between 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure to receive the special discounted Perfection Session rate.  It is highly recommended that you schedule your Touch Up Session as soon as possible once you have had your initial microblading procedure as the schedule is usually booked up to 6 weeks or more in advance.


  • NO water, cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for at least 7 days.
  • 2-3 hours after your procedure clean your brows only once with clean cotton or gauze saturated in clean, room temperature water. Squeeze out the excess water from cotton ball, pad or gauze so that they are not over-saturated (dripping wet).  Gently wipe away any ointment or lymph fluids. Then dry with a clean, lint-free tissue or gauze.  Reapply aftercare healing cream as instructed.  Do this 2-4 times a day for the first 4 days or as instructed by technician.  After that, simply keep area clean and dry, and do not touch or apply any other products to the treated area until after day 10.
  • DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment and infection.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 3-4 weeks after procedure.
  • Avoid heavy sweating for at least 7 days.
  • Do not submerge face in water & do not hold face directly under shower head for at least 7 days
  • No swimming, saunas, facials, or any activities that may cause you to perspire for at least 7 days
  • NO facials, botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 7 days, and always use a clean pillow case
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 7 days, after that SPF 30 or stronger sunblock should be applied daily


  • Use a good sunscreen, sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics
  • If you are planning a chemical peel, laser procedure or an MRI scan, please inform the technician of your permanent cosmetics
  • The use of RetinA/Tretinoin or any other rapid skin exfoliation products used regularly on the forehead area will cause the permanent makeup to the eyebrow area to fade prematurely.
  • The use of chemical peels and acid peels regularly on the forehead region can also cause eyebrow tattoos to fade prematurely.

Approximate Healing Schedule

  • Days 1-2: Your brows are approximately 30-50% darker, bolder and more solid than your healed result will be. The skin underneath the implemented pigment is red, and combined with the pigment residue that temporarily stains the hair & skin in the brow area, this creates the appearance of darker color. There may be some slight discomfort, like that of a light sunburn, however the eyebrow area does not retain much fluid, therefore swelling should be very minimal.
  • Days 3-4: Your eyebrows may begin to itch and the pigment may appear somewhat raised. Do not scratch or pick! 
  • Days 5-7:The top layers of skin will begin to shed, and you will begin to see a loss of color. This is normal. The skin is now rapidly exfoliating and will shed evenly if left alone. The color under the exfoliating skin will continue to appear light until the epidermis takes on its more transparent characteristics.
  • Days 7-14:  Brows may appear lighter than desired, color and definition will start to become more noticeable toward the end of week two.
  • Week 3-4: Now is the time to critique your brows.  The pigment that was implemented by the microblade has now become part of the dermis, and can be seen under the epidermis. If you have not scheduled your “Touch Up Session” this this is the time to do so.


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Eyelash Extensions: $250

Extension Touch Up: $75+ depending on lash loss

Flare Lashes: $35

Strip Lashes: $15


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Bridal Makeup Package: $165

  • Includes full makeup application plus extras: custom lashes, top quality lip color, and blotting sheets.

Hour Stay Rate: $110

  • For touch-ups after makeup is done

Discounted Makeup Trial: $65

  • Not included in package price.

Makeup for Bridal Party and Attendants/Family: $75 (lashes included)

  • Lashes Included

Flower Girls: $25

Additional Details:

  • Deposit: 50% (non-refundable and non-transferable)

Photo Shoots/Video/TV/Film Production

Hourly Rate: $110

  • Models: Please note that these rates apply per hairstylist and makeup artist, and includes several hair and makeup looks